I do not merely teach how to draw objects, people, or animals. I teach how to properly “see” and critically analyze what is seen. I teach the fundamentals and skills necessary to achieve credible results.


Click image to download condensed portfolio. The front section on drawing/sketching shows what can be achieved in these courses. (Drawings are student-level sketches.)


About Robert Brekke

As a teenager, Robert studied and earned a degree in fashion design from Los Angeles Trade Technical College. He worked as a pattern designer in the industry during the late 1960s through the mid 70s. He has studied art, design, and photography at five colleges and universities, culminating in a bachelors in fine art (Painting and Studio
Practice) from San Jose State University in 1989. He owned a painting studio in Santa Cruz and a graphic design and photography studio in Sonoma County. His photography and design have won numerous national awards. He taught drawing and painting privately and in the classroom in Sonoma, Santa Cruz, Placer, and Napa counties to adults and youth. He teaches art, including drawing, pastel, and watercolor.