Sample slides of students' work in beginning and intermediate classes.
Most had 
little or no previous training.

Student Testimonials


Students usually produce between
6 and 10 well developed sketches/
drawings during the 10-week
courses (4 to 7 for the 6-week
courses). Included on this page are
statements from several students.

Anne W.
I started the class with no drawing experience but I had faint hope. Was cautiously optimistic. I’ve been amazed at my progress. What was taught in the class worked so well. Anyone can learn and apply the tools taught in this class—seriously, anyone. You don’t get this in other drawing classes. (My kids took classes over the years and I watched them.)

Lucie G.
Robert is not only uniquely inspirational as an instructor, he’s thorough. Through his focus on the importance of properly seeing, getting perspective and tone under our belts, he gave me the foundations of drawing and woke up the artist in me. I’ve found a new passion in art and drawing. The classes gave me the drive, skills, and courage I needed to pursue it.

Wade T.
I was the black-sheep of my family when it came to artistic bent. I thought that those who could draw were specially gifted. This teaching approach delivered what was promised. I was a person who said I could never draw. I didn't believe I could draw even with instruction. I now know that I believed a lie. 

Melyn S.
I was very nervous about the class. But I had some moments of great triumph and victory and proved to myself that yes, I could do this. It started to click when I was doing a drawing of a vase. The instructor mentioned adding some tone .That seemed very scary, but the more I tried it, I could feel it, I could see it, and I gained a lot of confidence.

Tim T.
This class has equipped me with tools in a surprisingly short time. I thought that I could not acquire the skills without many months, if not years, of training and practice. I hear many people say that they could never learn to draw. But, until you are exposed to the concepts taught in the class, you are in no position to make such negative statements.

Pam R.
The basics we learned during the classes became critical information. They allowed me to attempt what appeared to be a Herculean task. I could hear the instructor’s voice ringing in my head, “Stick with it. You’re gonna love it!” I am now loving it and am shocked to see that I can really do something that was initially so foreign to me.

Terie B.
I loved learning the techniques on how to draw—especially the repeating objects like arches, windows, and buildings in perspective. The class delivered more than what it promised. Seeing things develop on a sheet of paper is a gratifying experience. I say to anyone, “You can draw!” Get the foundation down and stick with the baby steps and be patient.